DocuForms’ POD-1020 Office Policy Brochure also functions as a patient’s copy of the financial agreement.

The best time to let your patient know about your policies is at the beginning of your relationship. This brochure welcomes your patient in a friendly way. It then outlines your office policies. It explains how insurance coverage works so that the patient doesn't have any misunderstandings or false expectations that could cause either of you stress or difficulties down the road. Many state medical licensing boards and managed care programs require that you present your policies on these matters to all new patients in writing. This brochure meets that requirement in an attractive and professional manner.

Issues covered in the brochure include:

  • Co-payments
  • Deductables
  • Non-covered services
  • Pre-existing conditions
  • "UCR" - Usual and customary rates
  • X-rays and Charts belong to the practice
  • Accepting assignment
  • Broken Appointments
  • Requesting records and special reports
  • Lab, hospital and other doctor's fees are not included and billed seperately.
  • Past due accounts.
  • And finally, perhaps the most important policy of all, to prevent misunderstandings with patients: "Any exception to these policies must be in writing and signed by the doctor."

One of the most important functions of the brochure is that your staff can use it to explain policies when questions arise. This means less of your own time will be taken up answering policy questions.

The brochure demonstrates your professional confidence by encouraging patients to ask frank questions of you, their doctor.

When disputes arise, you will be glad that you informed your patients of office policies in advance in writing with the DocuForms Office Policy Brochure.

These brochures are customized to include the doctor(s), practice name, location(s), phone number(s), logo and accepted payment methods (cash, check, and those credit cards you accept) of your practice.

The DocuForms Financial / Insurance form and the Office Policy brochure help create a pleasant, positive experience for you and your patient by getting your relationship going in the right direction.

DocuForms also offers matching business and appointment cards, rolodex cards, stationery, envelopes and marketing brochures for a coordinated professional presentation.


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